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Фразы для уроков для учителей.

Во время занятия

Are you ready?

Who wants to go first?

We’ll learn how to …

Open your books at page …

Turn to page …

We are at page (23) to do exercise (6).

Look at acitivity five.

Read the directions to exercise (3).

Listen to this tape.

Say after me.

(Denis), will you repeat it?

One more time, please.

Say it again, please.

Again, please.

Everybody …

You have five minutes to do this.

Who’s next?

Like this, not like that.

First …


After that…



Are you ready?

Are you with me?

Are you OK?

OK so far?

Do you get it?

Do you understand?

Do you follow me?

What did you say?

I don’t understand.

I don’t get it.

Like this?

Is this OK?

Come to the front of the class.

Make groups of four.

Move your desks into groups of four people.

Turn your desks around.

Make a horseshoe shape with your desks.

Make a circle with your desks.

Make a line of desks facing each other.

Sit back to back.

Work together with your friend

Find a partner

Work in pairs/threes/fours/fives.

Work in groups of two/three/four.

I want you to form groups.

Form groups of three.

Here are some tasks for you to work on in groups of four.

There are too many in this group.

Can you join the other group?

Only three people in each group.

I asked for four people to a group.

Everybody work individually.

Work by yourselves.

Work independently.

Ask your neighbor for help.

Work on the task together.

Ask other people in the group

Ask others in the class.

Interview someone else.

Ask everyone in the class.

Stand up and find another partner.

Have you finished?

Do the next activity.

Move on to the next activity.

Giving instructions.

Open your books at page 52.

Come out and write it on the board.

Listen to the tape, please.

Get into groups of four.

Finish off this song at home.

Everybody, please.

All together now.

The whole class, please.

I want you all to join in.

Could you try the next one?

I would like you to write this down.

Would you mind switching the lights on?

It might be an idea to leave this till next time.

Who would like to read?

Which topic will your group report on?

Do you want to answer question 3?     Sequencing

First of all, today, …

Right. Now we will go on to the next exercise.

Pass around these handouts, please.

Two students share one sheet.

Pass these to the back.

Could you share with your partner?

Is there anybody who hasn’t got a copy?

Take one and pass them on.

Pass out the exercises.

Have you lost yours?

Take out your books.

Have you finished?

For the last thing today, let’s …

Whose turn is it to read?

Which question are you on?

Next one, please.

Who has not gone yet?


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