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Английский язык дистанционно
с репетитором онлайн, доступно и эффективно, индивидуальный подход,
подготовка к ЕГЭ и ОГЭ,
профессиональный перевод с учётом специфики и тематики.
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Placement test for USE (ЕГЭ)

Тест по ЕГЭ

Уважаемые ученики! При подготовке к сдаче ЕГЭ одним из важных условий является написание полной формы глагола в тесте. Сокращения не допускаются. Поэтому учимся еще на стадии первоначальной оценки знаний заполнять тесты правильно. Успехов Вам!

    1)I (be) 50 years old in 2030

    2)If you throw a stone into the water, it (sink)

    3)(do) you talk with when you have a problem?

    4)When it rains, we (go) inside.

    5)Sorry, I (be) here on Thursday. I have to go to the dentist.

    6)What you (do) if there is a blackout?

    7)I (come) to your flat if you don't want me to come.

    8)If she (recharge) her battery, she won't be able to use her phone.

    9)If I didn't like cooking, I (be) a chef.

    10)Would you go into space If you (have) the chance?

    11)If I (lose) my handbag, I'd phone the police.

    12) How are you? I haven't seen you (since, for, before, after) a long time.

    13)I haven't eaten any meat (since, after, until, before) I became a vegeterian.

    14)I (see) her since she went to Germany.

    15)He (live) in this house until he died in 1998.

    16)We (teach) French by Mr Dibois, the French teacher.

    17)What time did you (must, should, have to, may) go to bed when you were 10 years old?

    18)The teacher told me (not to, don't, don't to, not) worry about me exam results.

    19)She arrived after the party (finish).

    20)John (wear) a brown jacket when I saw him.

    21)William Shakespeare (use/live) in this house when he was a child.

    22)I couldn't take any pictures due to the fact that I (leave) my camera at home.

    23)I (read) David Copperfield for two weeks but I haven't finished it yet.

    24)All the children (give) presents by Father Christmas.

    25)The thief (watch) by a security camera while he was trying to break in.

    26)We (go) to Italy for our holidays next June. I've already booked a hotel in Florence.

    27)Look at the girl in her Ferrari. She (might, may, must, can) be really reach.

    28)Don't forget to take an umbrella. It (may, must, have to) rain!

    29)If I hadn't got married when I was eighteen, I (go) to university to study agriculture.

    30)She told me that she (crash) her car when she was driving to work.

    31)Mrs Fielding said she (help) me with singing.

    32)The doctor asked me what I (do) when I broke my leg.

    33)At the job interview, they asked me where I (work) for the last two years.

    34)How long (live) in Australia? - Almost two years, now.

    35)Don't stop (since, until, first, to) you have finished the test!

    36) (Even, Despite, Because, Although) she was only 13, she is an expert violinist and has played with orchestras on TV.

    37)I wish I (can) understand Spanish!

    38)I feel so sleepy! I (shall\eat) such a big lunch!

    39)I'd make you some coffee but I forgot (buy) some coffee beans.

    40)I remember (go) to the cinema with my friends last year.

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