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Английский язык дистанционно
с репетитором онлайн, доступно и эффективно, индивидуальный подход,
подготовка к ЕГЭ и ОГЭ,
профессиональный перевод с учётом специфики и тематики.
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Placement test for ОГЭ (ГИА)

    Все временные формы пишем полностью.

    1)What are you doing (on, at, to, in) Saturday afternoon.

    2)My friend is coming to stay with me (since, until, for, during) two months in the summer.

    3)Next year, I (be) seventeen.

    4)Nicky (watch) a film when the fire started.

    5)Nathan is very selfish. He never thinks about (every, any, other, some) people.

    6)The Mona Lisa (paint) by Leonardo da Vinci.

    7)(stop) talking, please!

    8)Is this the boy, (who, whose, that, which) bike you found?

    9)(It's, There are, Is, There is) a lot of rain in Colombia.

    10)How (many, much, any, some) milk do you put in your tea?

    11)I (buy) this blouse at a shop in Paris last Summer.

    12)Stella's father is a (build, building, builder, built). He built my house.

    13)Benny is visiting his girlfriend. He always (visit) her on Tuesday evenings.

    14)Can you speak (slow)? I can't understand you.

    15)Is Lagos usually warm (in, at, on, to) summer.

    16)I (never/see) a tsunami.

    17)Don't buy that book. It's not very good. You (enjoy) it.

    18)Helena (go) to Paris last year.

    19)This is the (bad) film I've ever seen.

    20)The hotel (destroy) by a large fire. Look at it. The whole view is horrible!

    21)We (play) tennis at five o'clock every Thursday.

    22)It's Sundday, so I (not/have to) get up early.

    23)Does Marcus earn (much, lots, the, a lot of) money?

    24)When (you/leave) the party?

    25)The dog is hungry. It (can, must, has to, needs) something to eat.

    26)Is that (they, their, them, there) car over there?

    27)If you (heat) the ice, it melts.

    28)If he (be) rich, he'd buy a car.

    29)Mersedes (build) a new car. It's called the Smart car.

    30)He needs (some, a, an, the) new printer. He should buy one soon.

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