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Английский язык дистанционно
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Test for travellers

Онлайн тест по английскому для путешествий.

Тест на определение уровня.

    Данный тест предоставляется в основном без вариантов ответа. В реальном общении вариантов ответа никто не даёт, поэтому нужно приучать себя показывать настоящие знания английского языка, а не пользоваться интуитивными подсказками.

    1)I (be) 50 years old in 2030

    2)What (you/do) if there is a blackout?

    3)We (found) the information we need in relation to the guest to make reservations in a hotel.

    4)If I didn't like cooking, I (be) a chef.

    5)Most local facilities (focuse) on your relax and fun.

    6)If I (lose) my handbag, I'd phone the police.

    7) How are you? I haven't seen you (since, for, before, after) a long time.

    8)We are in a car, now we (pass) one of the most awesome sights of our ancient town.

    9)I (see) her since she went to Germany.

    10)He (live) in this house until he died in 1998.

    11)On the Barselona's seafront there (be) the tallest skyscrapers in Spain.

    12)Most people want a (high) standart of accomodation.

    13)Bedrooms in two-star hotels are not as (spacious) as in four-star hotels.

    14)She arrived after the presentation (finish).

    15)John (wear) a brown jacket when I saw him.

    16)I'd make you some coffee but I forgot (buy) some coffee beans.

    17)I couldn't take any pictures due to the fact that I (leave) my camera at home.

    18)We apologise for any inconvenience (and, but, although, that) we have to ask you to leave this place.

    19)All the guests (give) a form to fill in.

    20)The thief (watch) by a security camera while he was trying to break in.

    21)We (go) to Italy for our holidays next June. I've already booked a hotel in Florence.

    22)Look at the girl in her Ferrari. She (might, may, must, can) be really rich.

    23)Don't forget to take an umbrella. It (may, must, have to) rain!

    24)We kindly ask you to take (at, after, throught, into) consideration that the hotel descriptions do not contain the complete list of facilities.

    25)She told me that she (crash) her car when she was driving to the hotel.

    26)Mrs Fielding said she (help) me with the pillow menu at the hotel.

    27)I feel so sleepy! I (shall\eat) such a big lunch! I'm full now and unable to eat a crumb.

    28)I wish I (can) understand Spanish!

    29)How long (live) in Australia? - Almost two years, now.

    30)Don't stop (since, until, first, to) you have finished the test!

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